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App YoCuba

App YoCuba

The App YoCuba is a system of accommodation bookings in Cuba. The App allows you to search available apartments by filtering by date and features.

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VS GridMap

screenshot VS gridmap screenshot VS gridmap screenshot VS gridmap

VS GridMap  

The GridMap component for Visual Studio development platform is a tool for area management. It is possible to set the size of the area in rows and columns. This will create a grid divided into cells, each with its properties. This will allow you to use the component for any situation, such as: beaches, swimming pool, camping, parking, maps, games, etc.





After inserting the component into the whole window it is possible to change the characteristics. It will be possible to choose the size of the grid, Columns, Rows. For each cell it will be possible to set the color, the data, and other properties. Clicking on a cell will trigger an event with parameters that will report: the Cell position, and Cell object from which it is possible to trace all the properties.




Control properties

The control is divided in 3 sections: Content, Grid, Cell.

You can set Width and Height control size, TotalCellX and TotalCellY grid size, CellWidth and CellHeight.

For each cell you can save a class, object, value, ecc. So when you want can get cell value.

You can use images to paint Content Background, Grid Background, and Cell Background.





Alcune anteprime del controllo in funzione...





You can use the VS GridMap component in your Visual Studio projects, in unlicensed design mode. If you want to compile your application with the VS GridMap component you need a license or a warning message box will appear.

You can download the component in different versions according to your needs.


Onky DLL for .Net Framework 3.5


Download DLL F.3.5 by clicking here


Only DLL for .Net Framework 4.5


Download DLL F.4.5 by clicking here


VSI installation package for previous versions of Visual Studio (.Net Framework 3.5)


Download package .vsi by clicking here


VSIX installation package for new versions of Visual Studio (.Net Framework 4.5)


Download package .vsix by clicking here





You can use these ready-made examples to learn how to use the component right away.


Example for .Net Framework 3.5 in Visual Basic and C #


Download example by clicking here


Example for .Net Framework 4.5 in Visual Basic and C #


Download example by clicking here




Online help

For all technical information you can consult the online help.


Go to VS GridMap Help