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App YoCuba

App YoCuba

The App YoCuba is a system of accommodation bookings in Cuba. The App allows you to search available apartments by filtering by date and features.

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box pallet

box pallet

You can see the result of optimization in box pallet . You can rotate and zoom within the box pallet , controlling the load pallet after pallet, container after container, in real time.


The fourth panel allows us to choose what to display in the box pallet : If the meter display on the sides of the container, whether to display the pallet codes, if only the current color pallet, if highlight the edges of the current pallet.


box pallet


box pallet

Similarly the objects used to fill the spaces can be of any type: box pallet , boxes, furniture, appliances, various types of packaging, etc.


box pallet distributes the load of trucks and containers optimally, faster, and saving you space, time, fuel, and therefore money.



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